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FootHelpers Lab

Historical Information

As a teenager, Dennis Shavelson was a gifted athlete and excellent student. Early on he realized that he had foot and postural problems as a result of poor biomechanics that were affecting his ability to perform without producing foot and especially, lower back problems.

Working with pads, arch supports and exercise and conditioning, he was able to overcome his personal disadvantages and excel as an athlete playing refereed basketball I until the age of 57.

After obtaining a University degree in biology, he went on through postgraduate education and Residency to become a valedictorian podiatrist, Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery, who, in 2011 was declared one of the top innovators in podiatry by Podiatry Management Magazine, his professions' top trade journal.

Throughout his career, Dr. Shavelson has maintained a foundational core in Functional Lower Extremity Biomechanics that has led him to question the weaknesses in how it was taught, researched and delivered that has led him to invent The Foot Centering Theory of Foot Structure and Function, commonly known as The Foot Centering Theory.

In 1987, he became focused on the fact that podiatrists were treating all feet in the same manner and he started researching and practicing biomechanics looking to upgrade the existing, infantile foot typing system which profiled people into low, normal and high arches. This system, in his opinion, lacked clinical importance and applicability and he was determined to upgrade its art and science.

In 1989, Dr. Shavelson, while maintaining his active NYC podiatry practice, became the foot doctor on a Rudolph Steiner Community in Rockland County, NY, which gave him the opportunity to study and impact the biomechanics of a controlled group of people, from birth until death, for 22 years.

During this time, he upgraded and changed the foot typing system developed by Dr. Paul Scherer that was published in Dr. Ron Valmassey's classical text on biomechanics. Refined during the years, he developed a new method of foot typing that he has called Functional Foot Typing® (hyperlink to FFT page) that serves as a new starting platform for practicing functional lower extremity biomechanics by profiling all feet into one of five common foot types that then can be treated individually.

In 2011, after five years of debate, the United States Patent Office granted Foot Centering, Functional Foot Typing, The Foot Centering Pad System and Foot Centering Orthotics U.S. Patent # 7938788. as advances of the existing art. This U.S. Patent allows Dr. Shavelson, for 17 years to practice , teach and research his science while preventing imitators and copy cats from diluting its applicability and importance.

Dr. Shavelson has lectured, published and practiced internationally and armed with his patent and his doctrine that by profession, only a podiatrist has the foundational education, the continuing education and an evidenced based practice in biomechanics and orthotics required to practice Foot Centering, he is ready to take Wellness Biomechanics® mainstream.

Still actively practicing podiatry, Dr. Shavelson, in 2007, began the first orthotic laboratory dedicated to Wellness Biomechanics® and called it The Foot Helpers Lab. Using this lab as a prototype, in 2011, he began to certify other labs around The United States and Canada that can form partnerships with foot typing podiatrists and other qualified professionals.