Foot Centering Technology ™ is a tried and tested technology based on more than 30 years of podiatric medical success and innovative collaboration from renowned experts in biomechanics and foot health. It starts with a US Patented Foot Typing Method that then allows for foot type specific customizations into and onto shoes, insoles and orthopedic, medical and surgical devices.

Foot Centering Technology ™ centers and balances the collapsed foot or the stiff, high arched foot towards a more optimal functional position using orthotics, insoles, pads, straps and surgical implants that in turn makes that better posed foot offset some or all of the stresses that lead to pain, deformity, degeneration and poor performance that develop over one’s lifetime.

Products manufactured incorporating Foot Centering Technology ™ will make the feet they are involved with better balanced.

Foot Centering Technology ™ allows ligaments that were stretched or tight in off-centered feet to adapt towards a more optimal length and tension.

Foot Centering Technology ™ makes muscle engines that were stretched, contracted, poorly leveraged, atrophic from disuse or suffering from repetitive strain injuries to be rehabilitated, more trainable and better performers.

Foot Centering Technology ™ can be incorporated into products that are custom, customized, mass customized and stock over-the counter in order to make them more wellness oriented.

Products containing Foot Centering Technology ™ when compared to those without this technology will be guaranteed to be better at preventing deformity and degeneration, better at improving performance and better at improving quality of life issues.

Foot Centering Orthotics are the first and only custom foot orthotics that incorporate Foot Centering Technology ™.

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