The Foot Centering Process is begun on the initial office visit by applying Foot Centering Pads® as part of the treatment of the day.  Centering Pads are composed of felt and foam and they are applied so that they occupy space under The Vault of the Foot in order to begin establishing a more Optimal Functional Position in closed chain.  They are a test drive for Foot Centerings Orthotics because as they provide a sense of improved function and balance and reduce pain, swelling and soreness, the practitioner and patient know that Foot Centering Orthotics will be of benefit long term.  They are applied in one of three ways in order to begin the Centering process.  They can be applied to the inside of a shoe,  to a removable shoe insole or they can be applied to existing foot orthotics.

Foot Centering PadsTM are applied to the rearfoot, the midtarsal area and the forefoot, after the patient is evaluated:  The first set is dispensed by the practitioner.  Additional sets are dispensed as needed for the patient to have a variety of foot gear to wear for the 3 week “test drive” period as they wait for their Foot Centerings to be fabricated.  This means that after the “test drive” period, the pads continue to provide support and benefit during the time between Foot Centering casting, prescribing and dispensing, reducing the anxiety of other programs that build up unnecessary stress
for the patient and the practice while waiting for orthotics to return from the lab.

Foot Centering Pads can also be applied as primary external fixation within postop bandages until the postop course is far enough along to dispense a more effective PostopThotic®
Centering Pad Kit
The Centering Pad Kit

Foot Centering PadsTM come packaged in a kit that contains a Header Card that allows the practitioner to input the patient’s foot type and diagram the way the Centering Pads should be applied if the patient wants to take sets home to apply to additional shoes.

There are seven (7) individual pads of either felt or
Foam in each kit that can be applied foot type-specific as the practitioner sees fit.  All seven pads are large enough to be applied up to a mens size 13 shoe, sneaker or orthotic.  Each pad can be trimmed to fit smaller sized shoes, snaeakers or orthotics as needed.

Smaller sized pads are available for females and children by request.Female Centering Pad kits

The seven pads that are contained in each kit are:

  1. One (1) ¼” adhesive felt Heel Pad that can be applied to one side or the other in order to begin treatment for The Inclined Posture if it exists.
  2. Two (2) ¼” adhesive felt Rearfoot Pads that can be applied in either a varus or valgus heel position.
  3. Two (2) ¼” adhesive foam Midfoot Vault Pads.
  4. Two (2) ¼” adhesive felt Forefoot Leverage Bar Pads that can be applied in varus or valgus and placed just proximal to four out of five metatarsal heads, foot type-specific.
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