Earn as you Learn

Our Certified Orthotic Fabrication Centers that contractually maintain standards for fabrication of Foot Centering Orthotics have the ability to improve your casts and prescriptions in order to create devices that are vaulted, posted and modified to support your patient’s feet in Optimal Functional Position on all three body planes.

This means a great orthotic from even your existing cast and Rx.

We will raise the vault, lower 1st rays and 5th rays and modify your devices with cutouts and posts that are foot type-specific because we can read the functional foot type from your casts.

This means that until you become comfortable and skilled with foot typing, foot centering casting or scanning and foot centering prescribing, we will take the time to upgrade your devices so that you can keep the wellness biomechanical promises you make to your patient when presenting and marketing Wellness Biomechanics®.

What’s more, we will mentor you to get through the relatively short and painless learning curve that will morph your biomechanical paradigm to the highest professional standards that a DPM can achieve.

Most of our clients that are currently STJ Neutral Casting and “post to cast” prescribing are on their own in 2-3 months without missing a step in their practices.

Foot Typers are dispensing more devices to happier patients than ever and the biomechanical shift changes a practice that is stagnated or downwardly spiraling to upward mobility.

functional foot typing

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