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About Wellness Biomechanics®

Wellness Biomechanics® is the science that studies and provides care for the foot and postural segments in closed chain stance and function in health and disease.

Its medical name is "The Foot Centering Theory of Structure and Function".

Feet differ in their presentation. Some have rearfoot problems, some vault or arch problems, some forefoot problems and some more than one. Wellness Biomechanics® profiles feet into subgroups called Functional Foot Types® that serve as a starting platform to diagnosis, treat and research the feet and posture biomechanically.

The goal of Wellness Biomechanics® is to improve a persons inherited structural and functional biomechanics to prevent and/or treat injury, deformity and degeneration while fostering performance and quality of life enhancement using science, medicine and evidence for each of the foot typed subgroups.

It looks to prevent and reverse pedal collapse by supporting a patient in an Optimally Centered Position (OCP) making muscles that are weak, overworked and exhausted more trainable.

By creating Foot Centering Orthotics, a new generation of personalized foot orthotics that make muscles more trainable and then establishing a muscle engine training program that strengthens, leverages and improves the performance of the power plants that when not working well, allow the structure of the foot to predictably collapse, weaken and degenerate and deform as we walk 10,000 steps a day over a lifetime.

The current biomechanical models start with a complaint or problem instead of a functional foot type making them "Get Sick and Come To Me" paradigms. Wellness Biomechanics®, on the other hand is an Interventional Medical Model leading to a balanced, efficient and individualistic plan of care that works before, during or after a complaint or problem exists.

Wellness Biomechanics® has been called "the beginning of a revolution in biomechanics and podiatry". J.R., DPM, NY